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Stressbusters Inc.'s CEO offers public speaking engagements on various stress management topics, customized to suit the specific needs of your audience. Our speaking package typically includes the presence of Massage Therapists, with the exact number determined by the number of clients to be serviced.

Here's an example of our pricing structure, which includes a speaker providing instruction along with four Massage Therapists:

  • Speaker/Instructor/teaching/ answering questions: $150 per hour
  • Massage Therapists: $60 per hour each

Please note that this is an estimate of a booking for four hours. For local travel within Lake and Porter County, Indiana, the total cost for this example package would be $1,560.

We are committed to providing tailored solutions to help your audience effectively manage stress and promote overall well-being.

We provide all sound and working equipment and are willing to work with you.

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