Testimonials Black History Month



We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Legacy Foundation for their total sponsorship of the Black History Month events. Thanks to their generous support, we were able to provide valuable services to hundreds of family units and students from BIPOC communities. Legacy Foundation's understanding of the significance of these services as a luxury for many was pivotal in ensuring that all attendees could access free massages, counseling sessions, and food. Their commitment to equity and inclusivity has made a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. Thank you, Legacy Foundation, for your unwavering support and dedication to our community.

  1. J. Lopez: "I am 18 yrs old and the massage was great!! My thumbs and shoulder pain is gone. Thanks for the free massage Legacy Foundation."
  2. I. Harris: "I enjoyed my free massage and it felt nice!"
  3. C. Acevedo: "Amazing service and I feel great."
  4. D. Johnson: "Great, Awesome Thanks Legacy Fdn!"
  5. A. Gilliam: "I give their service a 10/10. Great service, great conversation."
  6. A. Keene: "It was wonderful, I needed it. I absolutely need this again. Thanks, Legacy."
  7. A. Nash: "It was excellent!! Stress reliever, very calming, welcoming and professional service. Thanks."
  8. K. Dubois: "I loved the services! Very knowledgeable. Bring them back!"
  9. D. Johnson: "It was phenomenal and Ms. Debra was amazing. 200%. Please come again to do massages."
  10. E. T. Clark: "Service was awesome and relaxing, please come again."
  11. F. J. Harris: "Enjoyed the treatment - will be contacting Butterfly Touch again for more treatment."

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