Stressbusters Inc Entertainment Clientele

Stressbusters Inc has had the privilege of serving a diverse and illustrious clientele, ranging from music industry icons to renowned entertainers and media personalities. Our commitment to providing top-notch stress management services has garnered attention from various media outlets, further solidifying our reputation as a trusted resource in the field.

  1. Stressbusters Inc Personality Clientele:
  2. H.B. Barnum: Music producer
  3. Aretha Franklin (RIP) and entourage: Legendary singer and her team
  4. Jerry Jones: Playwright, Los Angeles, CA
  5. Ms. Jeda "Dupree" Jones: Comic
  6. Antonio Fargas: Actor, Los Angeles, CA
  7. Babyface: Singer
  8. Marshall Thompson: Member of Chi-Lites, and backup singer
  9. Marvin Junior (RIP): The Dells
  10. Ladonna Tittle: Radio Personality
  11. Ngouma Lokito: Singer, Paris, France
  12. Soukas Stars: Congo, Africa
  13. The Manhattans: Musical group
  14. Tinga Stewart: Singer, Jamaica
  15. Ephraim Martin: Music awards Producer
  16. MC Lyte: Producer
  17. A.J. Jamal: Comedian
  18. Michael Woods: Writer/ Playwright
  19.  Dr, Danita Johnson Woods: CEO of Edgewater Health
  20. Rudy Clay (R.I.P.) Mayor of the City of Gary
  21. Any many more!

Media Exposure:

  • CLTV
  • Gary Post Tribune
  • Radio Jamaica
  • ABC News
  • Hyde Park Newspaper, Chicago, IL
  • Gary Defender
  • Channel 56 WYINTV
  • TV Broadcast Show aired monthly on stress management