Local Pandemic Era Mental Health Events

In response to the heightened anxiety and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our organization took action to support our community in Lake County, Indiana, as we worked towards restoring a sense of normalcy.

Thanks to grants from the Legacy Foundation and the City of Gary, Indiana, we were able to implement personalized programs aimed at assisting families of 5 or more individuals in coping with the significant losses of the lives of cherished and loved ones within our BIPOC communities.

As we prepare a synopsis of our efforts, we ensure that it adheres to HIPAA guidelines, prioritizing the confidentiality and privacy of those we serve. Through our initiatives, we are committed to fostering healing, resilience, and a sense of hope as we navigate through challenging times together.

Events We've Organized:

Annual Events:

1. Edgewater Health, Gary, IN: "Back On Track Health Fair"

2. Annual 1st District Community Fair: Taught massage techniques for parents to help their children cope with pain and stress, and provided massage therapy, community surveys, and cancer awareness information.

3. Local High Schools "Career Day": Demonstrated career opportunities in a massage therapy medical clinic setting.

4. Two-Day Educators Event in Hammond, IN: Taught stress management coping skills and set up a complete spa with acupuncture, cupping, sound therapy, and ten-station massage therapists.

5. Teacher Appreciation Day: Held yearly events for school systems to show appreciation.

6. Numerous speaking events with massage therapists at local and national businesses and conventions.

Example of Local Events:

- Meals On Wheels

- Day Care Homes for the Elderly

- Shelters for Women, Children, and Men

- Valparaiso College Black Student Club Events

- Nonprofit Workers and Organizers Massage Events (collaboration)

- Community Hospital NICO Unit Nurses Appreciation Day

Past Events:

- Gary, IN Yearly Employee Health Fair

- United States Post Office National Event: Provided stress management and massage therapy rooms for large numbers.

- Proctor & Gamble Total You Pantene Tour (10 years)

- Ebony Black Family Reunion Tour

- United States Military Massage Therapy and Comfort Center for their convention

- Black Data Annual Convention: Provided massage therapy and comfort center services

- Road tours with World Music Reggae Awards, Chicago Music Awards, and the Grammys

And many more.